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In post-industrial society where the sports industry is expanding and the contribution of sports into the economics is greater, more and more Lithuanian and foreign scientists conduct research in this field. Some authors analyse implementation of the results of the event plans and the feedback received after the event (Jago, Shaw 1998; Preuss, 2011), others focus on the economic, socio-cultural, technological and other benefits after the event (Barget, 2001; Barget et al., 2007; Balciunas et al., 2014; MacAdam, 2011) yet others focus on analysis programs of sporting events (Huang, 2011). However, although it is important to analyse the likely benefits of the event, most benefits are revealed only after the event, when it is possible to assess its legacy. In view of the studies alternatives of the research field, this paper is analysing the evaluation of the legacy of sporting events. The main problem encountered in the analysis of the legacy of sporting events, is a lack of scientifically-based evaluation methods. In view of this problem MacAdam (2011) created the evaluation methodology conception of the economic legacy of a sporting event MERLIN* (Multi sport event legacy return index), which enables the evaluation of the legacy of a sporting event, as a numerical value of the expression for the first time. It is important to note that for existing weaknesses MERLIN* is not popular methodology of evaluation of the legacy of a sporting event but it is recognissed as an appropriate methodology concept, which can be developed through additional studies. In view of that, this article explores the MERLIN * methodology concept and analyses its strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of expert interviews, the legacy value of the European Men’s Basketball Championship for 2007-2013 in different countries is evaluated and compare . Also based on the expert assessment results, the disadvantages of MERLIN* methodology are observed and suggestions are made on the improvement of its evaluation criteria.

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Giedre Gudaityte, Edmundas Jasinskas, Mindaugas Balciunas, Dalia Streimikiene
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Estudio de mercado

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