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Influence of intellectual impairment (II) on basketball players´capacity to solve a game situation: towards evidence-based classification systems in II-basketball


Basketball for athletes with intellectual impairment (II) requires the development of evidence-based eligibility systems in order to guarantee equal opportunities to success in this sport and also to have the possibility to be re-included in the Paralympic Program. To do this, it is required to investigate the influence of II on those fundamental activities relevant to perform in this sport. To address this need, the aim of this study was to compare able-bodied (AB) and II-players´ decision making capacity to solve a game situation. A field test was designed ad hoc in which 38 elite II-players from 4 different countries (France, Portugal, Australia and Japan) participating in the Global Games (2015) and 38 AB-basketball players competing at regional level in Spain in categories under-18 and senior, had to solve 8 standardized game situations. Results indicated that II-players spent significantly (p=0.05) more time to decide (0.92±0.2) than AB-players (0.63±0.1), more time to execute the solution (II: 3.01±0.4; AB: 2.56±0.3), they made more rule infractions (II: 7.11±1.4; AB: 7.71±0.7), more feints (II: 1.37±1.4; AB: 0.3±0.6), more dribbles (II: 15.08±3.9; AB: 12.29±2.3), and less successful solutions (II: 4.42±1.5; AB: 5.39±1.3). However, no differences were found between the number of correct decisions made. Decision time, number of dribbles and success solving each situation were the variables that best discriminated between II and AB-players. These results confirmed the negative influence of II on athletes´ capacity to solve different basketball game situations by slowing down the processes involved on decision making. The discriminant function let us establish the minimum scores needed in this test to present significant limitations solving a basketball game situation, being these scores applicable to determine eligibility criteria in II-basketball. Keywords: Classification, eligibility systems, Paralympics, decision making.

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