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Investigación cualitativa del final de carrera deportiva de Kobe Bryant y su retiro de la NBA (Inglés)


The dual career theory and framework was applied to the “real-time” retirement announcement and selfawareness letter written by former American National Basketball Association (NBA) player Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Five major themes emerged from this study that are descriptive of Kobe’s Dear Basketball self-awareness letter: a) Love, Passion, and Bonded Forever; b) Giving and Teamwork; c) Feeling Alive; d) Time To Say Goodbye; and e) Savor The Moments. Six major themes emerged from Kobe’s narrative comments at his retirement press conference: a) Internal Peaceful Decision; b) Retirement in My Heart; c) Tough Moments Create Beauty; d) Love and Respect For Fans and Players; e) Life After Basketball: Figured Out Next Step; and f) Powerful Message For All Athletes. Recommendations for scholars and practitioners in the United States of America and Europe are provided based on the key findings and results of this research study.

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